Just Saying Hello

Okay, I admit it: I’ve neglected my blog for the last couple days.

Or months.

But that’s because I’m doing the more important work of writing books. Oh, and, you know, tending to my day job, and my family, and approximately one-hundred trillion errands my wife throws at me on any given day.

Degenerate is making steady progress. Not as steady as I’d like, and certainly not as steady as I promised in previous posts, but steady enough. It’s more than halfway done now, which is pretty good considering all the procrastination surrounding the words. Characters have come alive. Story is kicking and thrashing hard. I’m at the point where I can turn my brain off and let my fingers lead, which is just the best.

There’s just one narrative string that remains elusive. I need to think on it a little more. But almost there.

Is it going to be ready for you to read on September 15, as this little blog promises? I think the chances look pretty good. (Disclaimer: Never believe me. Second disclaimer: But seriously, maybe.)

I have in the past posted early excerpts or revealed simple plot points from my books here, but I’m going to resist the temptation this time. This also goes for how I share with friends and family. Typically I make–or rather, force, really–my trusted colleagues read excerpts I’m either particularly proud of or especially iffy on. I do this with the overzealousness of a needy author, which no doubt annoys my latest targets. With Degenerate, however, I’ve shared almost nothing, and I prefer it this way. Those closest to me will get to experience it new like everyone else. And then they can go on Amazon and rip it apart like a normal reader. (JKJKJK, Dead Weight and Sophistication have been well reviewed thankfully. But I do have some doozy negative reviews, too, which I’ll share in a follow-up post.)

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