Editing Done; Book Almost Done

I know the above headline doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but that’s actually because it doesn’t.

Alas, this is my process. I devoted a good chunk of time last week to printing up and then red-penning the 400 pages or so that comprise 95% of my third novel, Degenerate. I made a ton of polish edits. I worked on flow and consistency. And I introduced several big narrative changes that I believe make the story much more cohesive.

As it stands, I’ve got a super clean almost-finished novel.

If I was a scoundrel, I could turn this into agents now and then be like, “oh whoops, my bad” and hand in the final chapter or two when they ask where the ending is. But I won’t do that, obviously, because the goal isn’t to piss prospective agents off–it’s to dazzle them with my weirdest and most offensive un-categorizable novel yet.

I’ve given myself a week to finish this fucker. Not just because I’ve wasted a year already, although, yes. I’m also seriously itching to start something fresh after the New Year. So anyway, next post will be about the completion of the book with picture proof. And then the real work begins.

If you’ve read Dead Weight, Sophistication, or both, I hope you’ll like my latest work. It’s definitely got a different vibe. That being said, I really do love these characters.

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