Matt Casamassina is a veteran journalist turned businessman who also likes to write science-fiction and horror books.

In another life, he co-founded IGN, the world’s most popular entertainment network (with roughly 300M readers across 110 countries), where he held various leadership roles including editor-in-chief and editor-at-large. Later he built Apple’s App Store games editorial team and helped grow the segment into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut browsed by hundreds of millions of players.

Matt has published two books, Dead Weight and Sophistication, and just wrapped his third, Degenerate.

When Matt isn’t writing science-fiction, he’s the CEO of Rogue Games, a leading publisher of hit video games. Learn more at http://www.rogueco.com.

Matt is married, has three kids and two dumb dogs, and lives in northern California until he can convince his wife to move. So far he’s had no success in his relocation efforts, but he won’t stop trying.