Dead Weight

When 17-year-old Zephyr Rockwell wakes from a camping trip in the woods, he discovers that nearly everyone in the world has disappeared and most of the luxuries mankind maintained are already breaking down. The boy soon embarks on a journey for answers and companionship in a new reality where great cities lay in ruins, food and water are scarcer by the day, and every other survivor is a potential threat.


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Sophistication (coming soon)

You have 30 days until we take over, a cloaked figure warns the House of Representatives and then vanishes into a bolt of electricity. The same morning, Miyuki Mitsuraga, a struggling video game journalist, is inexplicably invited to interview the mysterious interloper even as media declares the intrusion an act of terrorism and internet schadenfreude runs wild. Sophistication follows her and three others, including a drug-addicted special agent, a venerable senator, and a well-financed serial killer, as their lives converge amid displays of technology and power well in advance of anything the world has ever seen.

Degenerate (coming late 2018)

Lucas Thimbleton, a twenty-four year-old copywriter for a San Mateo startup, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he inexplicably suffers widespread vision loss in one eye. The doctors say it’s macular degeneration triggered by excessive stress, but he begins to wonder if it’s something more, especially when the shadows in his periphery begin to take shape and whisper wonderful and horrible things to him.  Is it madness or destiny? He isn’t sure he wants to find out.


The Deep, Dark, Down (coming 2019)