The Point


If you’ve landed here, it’s likely because:

  • You read one of my books (sorry)
  • You read some of my IGN articles (sorry)
  • You want me to help you with your iOS game (sorry); but send me an e-mail and I’ll redirect you to the right folks
  • You meant to type another URL (sorry)

This is the official (I guess) blog-thingy for the author Matt Casamassina. That’s me, writing about myself in the third-person, which isn’t creepy at all. I created this little area as a landing page for people who picked up one of my novels and have since come searching for the most direct route to send me hate mail. (By the way, there’s a contact link at the top of this page. Please, just no death threats. Or, make them colorful, at least.)

Now that you’re here, though, you may as well know who I am. You’ll be able to use some of these details in your rage mail, so it might be worth the read.

I’m a longtime video game and technology journalist published in a variety of popular newspapers and magazines,  and most important, one of the founding members of That’s a website whose acronym is basically meaningless these days, so don’t even bother. If you’re a jaded gamer, you’re no doubt thinking that the word ‘ignorant’ cannot be spelled without the letters I-G-N, and you’d be correct. You do need those letters to spell ‘ignorant.’ Otherwise, it would just be ‘norant.’ I feel like I’m veering way off course here.

Anyway, after spending a lifetime at IGN, where I wrote many articles and religiously covered Nintendo, I waved good-bye to that part of my life and joined Apple. (Mostly. You know I’m all over Switch.) Another lifetime later, I’m still at Apple. And that’s about all I can say about my job at this company because there are sniper lasers probing my chest and forehead. Lots of them. Seriously, gotta be a small army.

In addition to the thing that I do for Apple, I also write books. Specifically, dystopian fiction books featuring teenagers who wake up at the end of the world; and social science-fiction books about struggling twenty-something video game journos caught in the middle of high-tech conspiracies; and fantasy / science-fiction books about kids who find extraordinary, wonderful, and terrifying things in the depths of the earth.

As of this writing, I’m about to release my first novel, Dead Weight. I’m nearly wrapped with my second. And because I’m weird like that, I’m well into my third. (Broken brain.)

If you’ve got questions about my books, or, more likely, just want to tell me you hate me, please don’t be shy.

One thought on “The Point

  1. Mark Bozon

    I just want to be the first person to comment on the first post of a blog that, at some point at least, will be super popular and the home to a world-known author. I’ll hate you and your talented ass for it, but I’ll also be smiling a bit too.


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