Update on Dead Weight Audiobook

There she is. The cover to the Dead Weight audiobook, coming soon to an Audible and iTunes near you. Really soon.

It’s done.

The audio version, narrated by Joshua Nicholson — and he does a fine job of it — weighs in at 10 hours in length. That’s based on the 360-something-paged, 103,000-something-worded novel. (Should’ve been 135,000 words, and actually it was, but then an agency got to me and wham, bam, thank you — wait, damn!)


So here’s a detail I always noticed but never really thought about. Books are rectangular. Audiobooks are square. I think that’s because people used to do all of their listening on CDs — remember those? — and books on CD always came in square jackets. It’s been years since anybody picked up a CD and yet the industry never bothered to bring visual parity between book and audiobook. Customers couldn’t give a shit, of course, but authors — well, that’s just one more thing I didn’t think about. So, if you compare the cover of Dead Weight in its original novel form to the audiobook, you’ll see that a few changes have been made in order to square everything away.

Anyway, it’ll be available in a couple days, and then I’ll update with links to buy / download it, as well as some thoughts about the process.

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