Dead Weight, A Series

I think I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but since I’ve gotten a few questions about it from readers, the answer is yes. Dead Weight was conceived as multiple books. I’m not sure if that means two, three or four, so I’ll just say there are more pages to come if enough people care to read them. I love the world and (most) of the characters and remain excited to return and hang out with them again. I want to know what’s up in New York, anyway, and I’m sure some of you do, too.

If you scroll through this little blog, however, you will soon learn that I have two other books to write first. Sorry. Sophistication is up next. The Deep, Dark, Down after that. The good news is that I really am in the final stretch of the former. I’ve conservatively set a July release date, which factors in read-throughs by friends and family, several rounds of overzealous copyedits, and an audiobook version. My third novel — that might take a little longer. I’ve started it and it’s calling to me, but there’s plenty yet to be written. I told my wife that I want to finish up by the end of the year, but I also said that I’d take out the trash tonight and there it sits. That’s actually not at all true, but I lied to make a point, which is that my resolution means jack shit.

If ever my inbox is flooded with requests for more Dead Weight, I will dutifully put The Deep, Dark, Down on a (virtual) shelf and catch up with Zephyr and crew instead. If not, full steam ahead on these other novels. I promise that, although they couldn’t be more different from Dead Weight, they’re every bit as horrible.

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