Sick Again

This is some bullshit.

Sick all weekend, again, this time with the Ebola. Pretty sure I caught it from a coworker. They know what they did!

This is life kicking me in the teeth after I noted in a previous post that I hadn’t come under the weather often these past months. So much for that.

I finished going through all the final revisions (please, gods, let it be so) to Dead Weight and uploaded the latest version to various bookstores. That should be that. I also received the first draft on the second Sophistication cover. It looks pretty great. I’ll share it here soon. A few more edits to come and then it’ll be complete.

What I haven’t done, however, is written much. I could easily blame work and life, both of which have gone nuclear, but it’s all me. I fell off, hard, and not even my nightly reminders could penetrate the slackassery that consumed me. This, sadly, is part of my process. A couple months of rapid progress followed by as many days of pure dickery. I’m back on now, at least, so here we go.



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