Checking In…

Quickie here. Sophistication went to a publisher, which had some feedback. I’ve got three weeks to respond with some significant tweaks. Working on that now. It’s more work, and I’m itching to start the next thing, but the silver lining is that I agree with all of the feedback and it’s bound to make the story better.

And–you know–hopefully it’ll land me a publisher, so there’s that.

For some time, I’ve been telling myself that my third book would be The Deep, Dark, Down, and then a strange thing happened. My friend was talking about his bum eye–long story, but dude’s got some vision issues–and inspiration struck. I jotted down a fifty-word synopsis later that night. Now I’ve got this other narrative whispering at me and it’s started to speak louder.

So I might write another book before The Deep, Dark, Down. Shit happens, I guess.

Summary. It’s mid-August now. Sophistication should be redelivered to the publisher by early September. Then I’ll start this untitled work and try to finish it in a few months.


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