Couple Things You Should Check Out

Taking a break from editing to post about a couple of my latest fixes in books and TV. Distractions, yes. Inspirations, yes.

First up is Denis E Taylor’s Bobiverse series. It’s an imaginative and oftentimes hilarious trilogy about sentient spaceships. You’re thinking that sounds super nerdy, and I won’t deny it, but it’s surprisingly accessible and equally charming. It’s also read by Ray Porter, who is the absolute best.

Click on me to go to Audible and get started


I’ve also been watching Mr Mercedes on DirecTV’s Audience channel. Yeah, that exists. I was just as skeptical as you probably are reading this, and still I gave it a try. Turns out, was a smart choice. It’s based on Stephen King’s story. Wonderful acting. Good pacing. Well made so far. Sample the first two episodes here:

Click on me to go to some weird AT&T page to watch first two episodes




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