Third Book: Degenerate

Every November, aspiring authors around the world try to knock out a novel in the span of a month. It’s really 50,000 words, which in my estimation isn’t a novel, but who’s counting? Opinion is, 50,000 words is still a lot for 30 days.

Anyway, as I’ve stated before on this blog thingie I’m maintaining, I don’t want to spend a trillion years writing my third book. Therefore, I might unofficially take part in this little contest. The reward is the work–don’t need any other motivator.

The third book has a tentative title, which is Degenerate. There’s a not-so-clever double meaning for you. A bit more:

Lucas Thimbleton, a twenty-four year-old copywriter for a San Mateo startup, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he inexplicably suffers widespread vision loss in one eye. The doctors say it’s macular degeneration triggered by excessive stress, but he begins to wonder if it’s something more, especially when the shadows in his periphery begin to take shape and whisper wonderful and horrible things to him.  Is it madness or destiny? He isn’t sure he wants to find out.

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