Oh Hiii, Guys!

Turns out I’m still alive.

A bit quiet here then because there’s been lots of change behind the scenes.

New job. New hours. New summer schedule. New clothes.

Do new clothes count? It’s a lie, anyway. Damn it. I need new clothes.

Due to this job thing, which is interesting, challenging, fun, and promising–all things that jobs should be–this pretty much sums up the writing for the last couple of months:


Even so, the second book is in the can. Is that an expression? (Just looked it up and yes–yes, it is.) You might assume I meant trashcan, and I won’t correct you because that’s where potential publishers may put it. But for the purposes of this post, it’s finished. And I don’t mean finished in the dead sense, damn it. I mean it in the healthy, breathing, kicking, alive sense.

I think I promised that I’d be done with the third book by this time. That’s cute, isn’t it? I make a lot of promises, most greater works of fiction than any of my novels. What I will report is that the dust surrounding my life hasn’t yet settled, but the big explosion preceding that settling has already rocked my world and soon enough I’ll be able to see across the street again. No idea if that imagery works–I just mainlined some cold brew coffee at 10:05 p.m. so that I could start (yes, start) writing for the night–so you’ll just have to pretend you followed me.

Third book cometh. It’s about an old colleague. It’s way raunchier than my previous novels. It’s gonna be fun.

I will report back here at some point before I die with news of Sophistication’s release date. It’s really nothing like Dead Weight, and I’m excited about that.

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