Kirkus Digs Sophistication!

So here’s the deal, people. If you’re an author, you’re always thirsty for a positive review from Kirkus Reviews. It remains the most reputable outlet and premier source for book reviews, which is why needy a-holes like me bite their nails and pace around their houses for weeks when they learn their books are under review.

Kirkus is also known through the industry to be pretty unforgiving, if not downright harsh with its reviews, particularly those from self-published authors. I’ve heard agents say, “Well, yes, Kirkus destroyed my client’s book, but it’s still an honor that they reviewed it.”

So when Dead Weight, my debut novel, made it through Kirkus with a mostly positive review, I counted my blessings and figured it would be a happy anomaly.

Now, though, Kirkus just published its review of Sophistication and I’m thrilled to note that overall they really, really liked it.

Some choice quotes form the review:

“Casamassina’s (Dead Weight, 2016) prose is voice-driven and inflected with numerous details of his cyberpunk-meets-Comic-Con vision of the future.”

“His attempts at snark often come across more misanthropic than perhaps he means them to—a viral video is described as spreading across the internet like ‘runaway Gonorrhea at a cheap motel’—but he occasionally reaches moments of lyricism.”



“The plot is well-paced and quite riveting, and once the storylines of the various characters begin to intersect and the scope of the conflict reveals itself, readers should become thoroughly invested.”

“While the narrative is bloody, profane, jocular, and angst-ridden, an unexpected warmth pervades the work that will likely keep readers with it until the end.”

“An ambitious and mostly successful sci-fi tale with a bit of social critique.”

I mean, right? Right? Thanks Kirkus!

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