Sophistication Audiobook

I’ve no doubt that there are plenty of authors who hate audiobooks for various misguided reasons. I’m obviously not one of them. Actually, I’d go as far as to write that I prefer this format to reading. For realsies. Yes, I’m a writer and I just wrote that. Reading your books doesn’t make you a better person, as some have suggested. I find, in contrast, that a professional voice artist can bring quite a bit to the material and also set the pace. Plus, your eyes sometimes skim and skip, always seeking the next exciting moment, as you read. Can’t do that in an audiobook.

Of course, if you listen to your audiobooks at double or triple the normal speed, well, that’s because you’re the devil and you can’t be saved.

So my point is that Sophistication is now available on Audible. As I’ve hinted about in the past, I’m really proud of this version and highly (italicized for emphasis) recommend that you check it out. I’ve even provided a cover, which links to the book below:


If you do download and listen to it, please do me a solid and give it a review. Our books live and die by that stuff.

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