Day 2

Good news. Got through more than 5,000 words today. Critical, though, the threads of my narrative are converging in–hopefully–satisfying ways. If I’m doing my job, anyway. And jury’s still out on that. Sophistication now weighs in at more than 86,000 words. That’s fine–whatev. More relevant, it feels like I’m coming to the final chapters.

Unrelated, I did a search on the internet for ‘fat kids’ tonight–don’t ask. I don’t have a good explanation, anyway. For some reason, this came up.


Not sure why. Romeo (above) is not a child. Clearly. What he is, though, is the baddest ass motherfucker to ever walk this planet. Look at him! All right. I know the belly demands to be seen, but his face is up here, people. Up here! And take it in. No, really behold it. Have you ever seen such raw confidence on a dude before? To me, his face says, “I’ve seen the Big Bang and the dinosaurs and I know what quasars really are, so step the fuck off, mortal.”

Maybe it’s just me, though.

You don’t see that?

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