Day 3

7:20 p.m. as I write this and I’ve reached another milestone. Dirty screen grab from Ulysses:


Still managing 5,000 words daily, which is fantastic news. Could’ve been a shit show of wasted time and that’s thankfully not the case.

Six days ago, I posted that I had 25 days to write 25,000 words. I’ve now written 15,000 in three. And if I can keep up the pace, I’ll get to 100,000 in two more.

Again, word counts are misleading. I have a significant amount of storyline to go and I’m beginning to worry that this book will weigh in at 115,000 words or more. But regardless, this is steady progress in a relatively short amount of time. And the quality of the work feels good–although certainly readers may disagree.

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