Sophisticated Problems

I’m taking a break from writing to post an update on the status of–well, everything. I’m going to bullet-point this one for the sake of my time and yours:

  • Somewhere down the page, it says Sophistication is coming June 15. That’s a big, sloppy lie. It’s not even done yet. What kind of person would promise such a thing and the–oh right.
  • It’s almost done. That’s a writer’s promise, which means next to nothing. But I have to hand it in to a publisher July 10.
  • Seriously, though, it’s almost done. I’m writing the final two chapters. Honest.
  • I’m also camped out at an Elks Lodge for eight hours during each of the next four days in order to assure that I finish.

I figure I’ll be done by 110,000 or 115,000 words. Here’s proof of progress. See? Almost.
Messages Image(1372572201).png

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