1:02 A.M.

Important thoughts that I need to remember.

  • Dog is taunting me; he barks at me whenever I concentrate on anything; need to find a way to reestablish human dominance.
  • Second novel at 110,000 words and nearly done. I hope it’s nearly done, because my deadline is 24 hours away. I’m not worried–what’s the worst that could happen? Not even God himself could fuck this up, etc. Right? [Fast forward three days, and somehow I’m in prison.]
  • iPad Pro at 5% power after three hours of video-conferencing with hardcore, Leaving Las Vegas-level alcoholic friends.
  • In three weeks, I join said friends in Vegas, at which time they will try to soak me in a life-giving alcohol pool not unlike the one from Cocoon.  Yes, I’m referencing Ron Howard’s Cocoon, which is the first time in human history that anybody has cited this film for anything, including his closest family members.
  • It’s super hot at 1:04 A.M. in San Mateo. Normally, this area is cold and colder, so we don’t know what to make of the heat apocalypse, but surely it has something to do with zombies.
  • David Bowie. He knows.
  • Fortitude is a show that needs to be seen by everybody.
  • Booker’s Bourbon reminds all other bourbons that they are insufficient.
  • Jumanji sequel seems unnecessary. Original Jumanji also seems unnecessary.

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